Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Shoes ;)

Assalamualaikum and Hi guys ! Whassup ? Hihi .
Today , I want to talk about shoes . There are many types of shoes. But , the one that I like is flat shoes.

Take a look at this picture .

I really adore this shoes . I want this so bad !
Huhuhuhu . I already have the purple one . I buy it at the shoes shop, 'Everlast'.

This is my favourite shoes. I will wear it when I'm using my cream blouse and skinny jeans.
See ?

It costs RM 69.90 . Cheap kan kan kan ?

So , you can buy it too in different colours ;)

Another picture for oxford flat shoes :

The Blue Oxford Shoes

Click untuk lihat lebih jelas okay ? click it , nowww !

HAHA , okay , I'm really tired because I went to the Butterfly Sanctuary at Ayer Keroh , Malacca.

This is the photos that I take at Butterfly Sanctuary :

I already tired , guys ! 
Okay , guys ! I have to go now ! see you later !

Sunday, May 29, 2011


Assalamualaikum , harap harap anda sihat sihatttt belaka tahu. Hari ni kita bercerita pasal Vintage Style . 
Sesungguhnya , saya sudah jatuh hati dengan HANA TAJIMA dan NURUL.
I LOVE YOU . hihi .
okay , zaman ni memang ramai girls berpakaian macam Hana Tajima .
Cara dia berpakaian memang stylo . Saya pun terliur jugak tengok muka dia. HIHI .
seronok betul cara dia berpakaian . Style dia memang vintage gila. Ada gaya 70's lahhh. Nak jugak pakai Maxi skirt macam Nurul cakapcakap tuu. Teringin pula nak pakai macam dia ,tapi saya nie pendek ,hihi, kesian betol . Haaa , kenal kan Hana Tajima tuu sape ? 
Okay , take a look kat gambar bawah ni tau :)

click gambar itu untuk lebih jelas :)

nielah NURUL CAKAPCAKAP tuuuu :)

tekan LINK itu tau , buka , dan tengok gadis comel pakai hijab :)
kak nurul lah gadis comel tuu <3

And , girls sekarang pun suka sangat dengan vintage style . Dieorg memang minat pakai sling bag yang antik tuuu.
Saya ada satu kat rumah tau tau tau :))) hihi , jangan jealous . So, gambar kat bawah ni adalah salah satu sling bag yang menarik <3 
im lovin it , hihi 

brown sling bag

Hard-Sided Cowhide Vintage Shoulder Bag

Chaos Closet Vintage

yang merah ni pun comel jugak . ohh REETOO :)

Sling Bag by M N G

OMG , comelnya awak ! jatuh hati betul lahhhh . dapat kat blog nurul cakap cakap ni .

aduhhh , geram betul saya dengan beg beg nieyhh ! takpe takpe , nanti saya suruh bie saya belikan , jangan salah anggap pulak . abang je tuu . Okay , yang selalu saya nampak girls pakai yang jenis Prada. Hee, tapi saya tak dapat nak carikan gambar tuuu lah . Ada masa saya upload kat blog comel saya nie tau , sayang sayang :)

oaky , cukup sampai sini , penat bercerita nie :))

wasalam .

I got this picture from GOOGLE , thank you .

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

new POST , new link and whatever ;)

Okay , mulai sekarang . I will post to my blog about vintage . Example , vintage stamps , shoes , clothes and etc.

Today , I want to post about stamp history . I find it at WIKIPEDIA . Thanks a lot , wiki :)


On April 13, 1998, the U.S. Postal Service (USPS) and the E-Stamp Corporation unveiled forbeta testing the E-Stamp Internet postage system, aimed at providing digitally encoded postage franks or stamps via the Internet. At the launch in 1998, the Postmaster General at that time, Marvin T. Runyon, described his vision of postage being "available, on call, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week."
Founded in 1996, Stamps.com is the brainchild of Jim McDermott, Ari Engelberg and Jeff Green. E-Stamp was the first company to get USPS approval for beta testing and successfully brought internet postage to market, but the company did not survive the bursting of the dot-com bubble in 2000. In 2001 its domain and patents were bought by a fellow early entrant in the digital postage market, Stamps.com.
In the fall of 2003, Microsoft released a beta version of its office productivity suite of programs, which includes an electronic postage capacity through Stamps.com.
In August 2004, Stamps.com introduced PhotoStamps. This service allows computer users to upload their own photos or graphics, which Stamps.com then prints on custom postage stamps(personalised stamps). This had been preceded by Stamps.com having various pictures on its E-stamps, including U.S. presidents Jefferson, Kennedy, Lincoln, TR and Washington, people playing various sports, and world landmarks.
There was considerable negative publicity immediately after the inception of PhotoStamps, when investigative website The Smoking Gunpublicized various stamp designs they had successfully ordered featuring images of Jimmy Hoffa, spies Ethel and Julius Rosenberg, and theDNA-stained blue dress of Monica Lewinsky.[2] Stamps.com's current policy prohibits images of world leaders or "any material that is vintage in appearance or depicts images from an older era."

I also have stamps collection at my home . I will capture it when I have free time :))))

Vintage Stamps (picture)
Girls Scout Stamp

Vintage Malaysian Stamps

Sunday, May 1, 2011

heyyyy , i miss my BLOG !

ohohoho , serious , rindu gila dengan beloggg nieyhhh . HEHE .
bukak bukak jea dah ade 37 followers , thanks guys because follow belog saye yang tak seberape nieee ;)
to all visitor , THANK YOUUUUU , i LOVE you guys :)

hah , bile dah bukak belogg niee , dah tentu la saye singgah belog orang laen . 
hehe , bestie saye pongg dah buad BELOG . comel sangad blog die , same macam orang nyee .
comel macam barbie doll ;]
hehe , name die siti nur fatin or panggil die atein je senang .
nak tgok belog die and follow lah sekali yea . eh eh , dah mcm iklan promote yang ade kat dalam tv tu je .
hah , nie , tekan je link kat bawah nieyhhh tauuu .

i miss you ;)
siti nur fatin .

hahhh , mase kat sekolah , memang best .
cume ade laa bnde yang saye tak berkenan , contohnyeee , budak lelaki sekolahhh tuu.
xsuke sngattt . dah la ade sorang tuuu asek mengacau je . agaknye die jealous dengan saye .
ahhh , tension sangat dengan guy tuuuuu =="
agak agak bile dah tinggi sikit same ngan mamat tuu , boleh la kasi karate macm cerite kungfu panda tuu.
hihik , mengarutt jeeeea. esok nak balek , ehehe , sedih plak nak meninggalkan notebook kesayangan saye niee.
hahhhh , senior2 pulak okayyyy ;) xde bullying , ragging or what so ever :D
saye saye rindu dengan melaka sebenarnnnyyyyyyeeeee ! I miss MELAKA ;( 
tengokklahh nanti mase bulannn 6 , cutiii pjng punyaaaaaa .
bolehh laa lepak-ing dengannnn memberrrr ;]

okaylah , kalau umur panjang kite chitchat lagiii. hehe .
sekian terima kasih.
p/s : penad mulut saye bercelotehhhh ;D