Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Shoes ;)

Assalamualaikum and Hi guys ! Whassup ? Hihi .
Today , I want to talk about shoes . There are many types of shoes. But , the one that I like is flat shoes.

Take a look at this picture .

I really adore this shoes . I want this so bad !
Huhuhuhu . I already have the purple one . I buy it at the shoes shop, 'Everlast'.

This is my favourite shoes. I will wear it when I'm using my cream blouse and skinny jeans.
See ?

It costs RM 69.90 . Cheap kan kan kan ?

So , you can buy it too in different colours ;)

Another picture for oxford flat shoes :

The Blue Oxford Shoes

Click untuk lihat lebih jelas okay ? click it , nowww !

HAHA , okay , I'm really tired because I went to the Butterfly Sanctuary at Ayer Keroh , Malacca.

This is the photos that I take at Butterfly Sanctuary :

I already tired , guys ! 
Okay , guys ! I have to go now ! see you later !

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